Hey there! I’m Taralei – but if that’s too complicated, I also answer to Tara.

I am a journalist, activist, and Uber driver, currently living in Nashville, TN with my dog, Layla.
Writing is a life-long passion of mine.
Music is something that I could not live without.
Food is one of my favorite parts of the day, and I enjoy baking and creating my own recipes.
Being a bookworm is my past, present, and future… so of course I love writing books reviews and sharing what I’m currently reading!
I enjoy making lists, and often set myself deadlines to finish bucket list-type challenges.
Backstage Badger is my spirit animal.
My personal beliefs and opinions are strong, but I am always eager and open to learning about the many different ways of viewing our world and the universe around it.

If you enjoy what you read, be sure to share my blog with your friends, and follow me elsewhere on social media! You can find links to my Facebook, Medium, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in the sidebar. Fellow Bookworms can see my reading suggestions on Goodreads. Any questions, feel free to email me!