About Taralei

I’m Taralei…
but if that’s too complicated,
I also answer to Tara.

Taralei Griffin is a writer & photographer living in Godfrey, Illinois. She returned to school and graduated from Saint Louis University with a 4.0 GPA in Cannabis Science & Operations in December 2021. She hopes to someday write & create fun, educational content that is accessible and easy to understand for everyone, whether they are an experienced stoner or someone who’s never been around cannabis in their life.

In spite of the year she insisted on dressing as the American flag for Halloween as a child, no one thought this quiet bookworm would be interested in politics.

From 2009-2011 she studied technical theatre in college, then dropped out and began working as a freelance journalist, interviewing up-and-coming musicians in Nashville, Tennessee. About that time, she also began watching The Young Turks – and because of this, in April of 2016 she shocked everyone in her life by dropping everything to join a 10 day march from Philly to D.C. to help bring attention to the issue of big money in politics. There, she was given the chance to assist TYT Politics in their coverage of the protests in D.C., and since then, she has also covered politics, especially human rights issues and their effect on every day people. From going undercover at a Nashville Trump rally, to digging into the mess a corrupt mayor has made of a southern Chicago suburb, to observing the reality behind “progressive” conferences, Taralei won’t let anything stop her from speaking truth to power.

Inspired by the inspired, in January 2018, Taralei founded Meridian Creators. It is an online publication focused on sharing the stories of artists of all mediums who are working to effect real change on the world. In an effort to expand Meridian Creators, she drove the length of the Great River Road and will be releasing a book about the creative people & places she encountered soon.

When she has time, Taralei also writes fiction and poetry. She has a sci fi novel in the works. Some of her biggest inspirations in writing & storytelling are Ray Bradbury, Anthony Bourdain, and Margaret Atwood.

You can find links to follow her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in the sidebar. Fellow Bookworms can see her reading suggestions on Goodreads. Any questions, feel free to send an email!