In 2012, when I started this blog (then known as “Sometimes Tara, Always Bug”), I became obsessed with the idea of bucket lists. In November of 2014 (when the blog was known as “The Temperamental Author”) I started my first short-term bucket list. This page is where you can find links to information about my completed lists and upcoming/in-progress lists.


My Reverse Bucket List is a list of accomplishments thus far that I’m proud of and look back on fondly, but they weren’t necessarily on a list. Yes, this list is basically me being a braggart.


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My current list is my Golden List – a short term list of goals for my own personal development, with the deadline being my 27th birthday. You can see all the items on my list and keep track of when and how I complete them by clicking here.


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My first short-term list was a list of 20 books to read before turning 25. You can see the list and reviews of all the books I read by clicking here.