Who is the Unifier?

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If you know me at all, it’s pretty obvious that I support Bernie Sanders. Many people support me in this – many others think I’m crazy, and say I should support Hillary Clinton. When I ask why, the most prevalent answer is that she would be our first female president.

When I answer that I don’t believe that is a good enough reason to choose our future leader, people tear me apart – and while there have been a few men who called me crazy, the women who support Hillary have said much worse.
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Unreasonably Fed Fears

As a young girl, I would skip and walk comfortably through public places, smiling at everyone I passed and allowing myself to get distracted by what was happening around me.

As a woman in my mid-twenties, I walk purposefully and stare straight at ahead, headphones on so that I have no reason to react to strange men who believe I need to know what they want to do to me.

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As a teenager, I was comfortable asking the nearest, non-busy person for directions.

As a woman traveling on her own, I seek out slightly older, motherly-looking women if I am lost.

One of the only things I have not learned to fear as a grown woman is using a public restroom.
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Spring is Here

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In December, I became a state organizer for Wolf PAC and pledged myself to joining forces with Democracy Spring. With that, one of my New Years Resolutions was officially to do every single thing in my power to get money out of politics.

In just over a week, I will be leaving Franklin, TN for Philadelphia, PA. There, next to the Liberty Bell, I will meet with people from all across the country who want one thing – to end the corruption in our government and take back democracy. To do so, we will march for 10 days until we reach Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.. There, we will have mass, peaceful sit ins, lasting as long as it takes for Congress to decide they can no longer ignore us.
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Books, Not Bullets

My friends and family on Facebook see a wide variety of posts from me, including lots of opinions on politics and current events. I try to even out the politics with cute pictures of Layla or funny memes. A little over a month ago, I realized I needed to post something funny because every single thing I had posted that day was about how people should stop being racist and sexist, or how Trump needs to realize he’s not a fit presidential candidate.

I started typing about my theory that George R.R. Martin already has The Winds Of Winter finished, and is just waiting until the perfect moment to pull a Beyonc√© and release it without any warning. I was giggling to myself over the thought of how crazy A Song of Ice and Fire fans (including me) would become, when it hit me – THAT is exactly the sort of insanity we need in the world. I couldn’t help myself – I threw a dash of politics into my “only for entertainment” status.

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Dead Men Commit No Wrongs

A graveyard is normally seen as a sad or terrifying place to walk. In the past, I never felt comfortable in them at all. When I moved to my current apartment, I was honestly nervous about the gigantic cemetery right across the road.


Being born and raised in the Most Haunted Town in America – Alton, Illinois – most people have expected me to be “used” to ghosts and death. As a child I was always terrified of death, and the idea of ghosts and graveyards tended to intensify that terror.

After having lived in Franklin, TN for 7 months, I now find the many cemeteries to be some of the most comforting places to walk. As someone who uses walking as my main means of transportation, I find myself walking between tombstones almost daily, and preferring it to the sidewalks of this city.

I’ve grown up and am no longer terrified of the idea of death and ghosts and hauntings – now, I understand that there are much worse things than a dead man.
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