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This Bread is B A N A N A S


Today is a day of celebration for two reasons.

First, with this post, I have successfully gotten through an entire week of my Alliteration Agenda for the first time in months.

The second reason is that it is also the day that I am gifting you with my amazing banana bread recipe.

You’re welcome.
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TL’s Dream Team Muffins

Some people say that peanut butter and jelly is the perfect combination… and I agree that it is great…

But the best flavor combination is peanut butter and chocolate. And what better way to experience this dream team of flavors than in a soft, warm breakfast pastry?



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Mini Green Bean Casseroles

It was Thanksgiving 2014. I wanted to impress my then-boyfriend and his family. Green Bean Casserole has always been my favorite Thanksgiving dish, and so I decided to put my own twist on it. Needless to say, everyone was impressed by what I came up with…

Cue the clouds parting to let a sunbeam shine into my kitchen as a heavenly choir begins to sing.

Cue the clouds parting to allow
a sunbeam to shine into my kitchen as
a heavenly choir begins to sing.

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Tara’s Apple Crisp

On Tuesday, I was home alone and decided to bake an apple crisp.

I wanted to make a smaller amount than most recipes I saw online, as there would be only one person other than me eating it. I also wanted one that would be sweeter and not as soggy as most apple crisps I’ve had before. So, I found this recipe on chow.com and made it my own.


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Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

On Sunday, March 15th, I found a Buzzfeed article with delicious ideas on unique ways to eat Oreos.

On Thursday, March 19th, I was bored, and decided to test out my own take on one of the Oreo-based recipes.

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes!

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes!

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