Over the past year, We, the People of the United States of America, have been inundated with buzzwords and sound bites, attempting both to get us involved and to keep us distracted.

justice weeps

Stronger Together. Historic. All of us. Isis. Protest voting. Believe me. Trust me. Spoiler vote. One percent. Freedom. Build a wall. Equality. Racism. Political Correctness. Grab ’em by the pussy. Socialism. Both a Public and Private Position. Liberals. Deplorables. Tone Down For What. Immigrants. Conservatives. Such a nasty woman. Revolution. Emails. Feel The Bern. I’m With Her. Make America Great Again.

Personally, the word that has most impacted me is Democracy.

The challenge to build a better democracy has always been there. This isn’t hearkening back to some better age; this is a new beginning, and your voice is crucial.

-Mark Ruffalo & Annie Leonard, “We Must Rebuild Our Democracy”

I spent the majority of my spring and summer in our nation’s capitol, fighting for a true democracy. Now, I am back in Tennessee, which has been my home for the past five years, and I am planning on doing something that many people think is crazy….

I am running for congress. In 2018, I plan on being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 7th District.

At this moment, it’s a long shot. More than a long shot – it’s a snowball’s chance in Hell. I have no name recognition, and my political background comes from activism. I am a progressive in my politics, who will be running in a deep red state, in an extremely gerrymandered district. I’m in my mid-twenties, and do not have the life experience that I’m sure my opposition does. But that’s perfect, because this is going to be a very different campaign from what anyone has seen. I plan on doing this the right way. Congresspeople are supposed to listen to their constituents, and represent them on the house floor. Currently, most of our congresspeople rarely – or never – interact with their constituents, and they represent special interests, corporations, super PACs, or their political party on the house floor – not the people, who never fit completely comfortably into any one of those categories.

The 7th Congressional District of Tennessee has a population of 714,187 people – but only a fraction of those people get out and vote. This campaign will be extremely interactive – I want to hear from everyone, and know what you would like to be of most importance in the halls of congress. Everyone has their own experience, and no matter what party they belong to, what religion they practice, what color their skin, or how much money they make, everyone should have their voice heard. With this campaign, I pledge that I will uphold a true democracy.

In Spring of 2017, I plan on kicking off my campaign with town halls all across the district. These town halls will be providing unbiased voter education, and encouraging discussion of the issues facing our country. I want the people of Tennessee’s 7th District to be a part of building my platform, because I want to represent them, not just the ideals of one party.

There will not be more information on these town halls until sometime after the beginning of the new year, as I am still working on the details, and won’t really be able to dig in until after the current election ends – which is one week away! To stay up to date on this campaign, please like my Facebook page and share! This will be a people-powered campaign, and building momentum and excitement early is extremely important.

We grew up being told that we live in a democracy, but from what I’ve seen over my 25 years… we were lied to. This CAN change. We just have to make our voices heard. Stay tuned to this campaign and you’ll be able to help that happen.


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