I grew up listening to Michelle Branch. She had several songs on the radio as I was getting old enough to really get into music in my own way, instead of just listening to Mom and Dad’s music. In 2003 her album Hotel Paper was released, and I heard “Are You Happy Now?” which became a song I wanted to listen to all the time. I think I even requested it at a middle school dance, and the DJ looked at me like I was nuts, because it wasn’t considered a “dance song.” But, I had been listening to songs from her album, The Spirit Room for a while at that point. Songs such as “All You Wanted” and “Goodbye To You.” But my favorite was the one called “Everywhere.” And that’s the song this specific “Music of my Life” post is about.

As I was going through Middle School, and High School, I felt lonely a lot. I was struggling with depression. And “Everywhere” was a song that felt very hopeful to me, a song about never being alone. I know, listening to the lyrics now, it’s pretty much a song from the point of view of a girl who’s really in love with someone who she wants to attract the attention of, and sees everywhere. But, listening to it back in school whenever I was lonely would give me hope, and that was enough to make me keep listening to Michelle Branch’s albums. 🙂

It’s still a song that’ll lift my spirits if I turn it on on my iTunes, or pop in the CD if I’m feeling in that sort of mood. I’ll sing along at the top of my lungs, or just mouth along if I’ve got people over and I’m feeling bashful. “Everywhere” is a a wonderful song, and though I don’t necessarily have any memories associated with it, it’s still a big part of my history and growing musically.

And so, here’s Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere” in music video form! Enjoy! 🙂