In honor of the fact that today, Phillip Phillips tweeted out the track names for his first album due to come out on 11/19, which is entitled The World From The Side Of The Moon, this “Music of my Life” post will be about his amazing single with which he won American Idol Season 11 – “Home.”

I hadn’t really been watching American Idol this past season. One night, my dad mentioned something about, “Oh, Bug. This guy’s your age, you should date him!” He was joking, but only halfway I guess, because Phillip was his favorite on the show. I’m sure he’d love to meet him. But, anyways, I just kind of blew him off. But then, one night, I turned it on, and I saw him sing “U Got It Bad” which was originally done by Usher. I had seen some of his other songs, and I’d seen his audition, but this blew me away. I was undone by him singing this song. So, anyways, I was hooked, and had to tune in the rest of the nights. I’m so glad he won… many people say, “Oh, he’s just another American Idol who’s a young white guy with a guitar” but he’s not. He changed the songs all the time on the show to fit his style. I loved it. I can’t wait for his album!

Also, “Home” was a fantastic song. Since I had just moved to Tennessee recently when he sang “Home,” it struck a chord with me. I got emotional, I have to say. I still do sometimes when I’m struggling with the move again, or anything really, and I hear “Home” by Phillip Phillips.

I just cannot wait for The World From The Side Of The Moon! It’s going to be terrific! 😀

Here’s the video for “Home” by Phillip Phillips, y’all. Enjoy!!!