Ignorance – A Rant About The Controversy Over Super Bowl Ads

It all started several months ago, with this super cute Cheerios ad:

When I first saw this ad on TV, I laughed, because it was adorable and I liked the idea behind it. I didn’t expect a short, 30 second commercial that I thought was so sweet to get so much horrifying backlash. 

Back when this ad first aired, Cheerios had to request that their comments on YouTube be turned off, because so many of the comments were so disgusting and hateful. But they didn’t take down the video, OR stop airing it, as many people wanted them to. According to an interview with Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Cheerios, “We felt like we were reflecting an American family.” They stood by the ad they had made to reflect the way tons of United States families are today, and I very much applaud them for that. It was brave, with all the controversy around it.

Yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday, I saw their NEW ad. It was the same fictional, interracial family as in the ad I posted above. I didn’t make the connection right away, but once I did, I thought, “Cheerios should be proud of themselves!” This was also an adorable, funny commercial… but once again it stirred up a lot of controversy.

I was saddened to hear how awful some people thought this ad was. I was horrified when one of my friend’s family members claimed they weren’t going to purchase Cheerios anymore, simply because of the interracial family in their ads.

To think that a loving family such as that portrayed in the commercial is something “wrong” with the world… that thought just shows a lot of hatred. I can’t stand being around hateful people when they’re talking about subjects that don’t even need to be a problem, if everyone would just show more love towards each other. It seems like I am around those sorts of people, and trying to avoid conversations about race, gender, religion, equality, politics, etc, much more often than I would like. All I can think at those times is how much I wish I could get away. Because it just saddens me, the hate I can sometimes feel from people around me towards other people.

I also have to add – we have a bi-racial president, people! President Obama is not liked by a lot of people – including people in my life. I admit, he’s made some mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes. And just because he’s darker skinned than many people is definitely no reason to hate him. Nor is it a reason for anyone to hate Gracie, the little girl in the Cheerios ad. She’s a child, and people say hateful comments about her, because she has an African-American father and a caucasian mother. That is so, so wrong.

Now, there’s also been a firestorm of controversy over a Coca-Cola commercial from yesterday’s Super Bowl Sunday. It features many different types of people, of all races, and including a pair of fathers and their child, roller skating and hugging… but what upset people the most was the fact that they were singing “America the Beautiful” in several different languages throughout the minute-long commercial.

I thought it was a beautiful commercial when I first saw it. It shows love for people of all kinds. “Agape” is the word I know to describe that kind of love. I thought it was a great message. But the controversy over this, and the mean-spirited comments on their YouTube post of the ad saddens me. There are some good comments, my favorite being “Most American commercial ever.”

It’s true! This ad is all about the people who actually live in the USA. But, people have to remember, “America” includes not just us, the United States, but Canada and Mexico, on either side of us in North America, as well as all the beautiful countries in South America. We are simply the United States of America… something people should remember. Many people came together to make this country, and it is still growing with people from all over, and of all races. There were people who lived here before the immigrants from England, who spoke many languages different from English. That’s another controversy that’s popped up – some people think there should have been Native American lyrics in the Coca Cola ad. I think that would have been great, but I still think it’s terrible the way people are going on about how this commercial is “un-American” and talking about how people should go back to their own countries… in “their own countries,” people aren’t always free, as we are here in the United States. I think it’s wonderful that we’ve got so much culture in our country. The Great Melting Pot. 🙂

Well, that’s enough of me ranting. Please weigh in by commenting (NICELY!) if you’d like.

Thanks! Just love one another.