Let’s See How Far We’ve Come…

Hey, everyone!

So, I know I should have been posting more often lately. But things have been very hectic with the holidays and my jobs and my grandparents were in town and all sorts of other stuff… it’s been nutty.

It is now pretty much the end of the year, though! Tomorrow, which will begin soon, if you want to be technical, is New Year’s Eve! And then, we’ll be in the year 2013. Isn’t it crazy to think about? I think so. Haha.  

This has been a fairly rough year for me. I moved from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, which had been my home for the past ten years, to Nashville, Tennessee. I struggled a lot with that. I still haven’t quite found “home” here in TN. But I am beginning to realize that I CAN. And I believe I will. I’ve made some terrific friends down here, and I really do love the area.

I also lost one of my best friends this year – someone who had been with me all ten years of living in MN, and who had been a comfort to me when I was still struggling with the move to MN. My dog, Dingo, passed away in July. But I know she’s in a better place, because she was hurting here towards the end.

Although there were many struggles this year, there have also been many wonderful things. Such as the fact that I’ve been to more concerts this year than I had ever been to in my life! Two of them at the Grand Ole Opry House. I voted for the first time in a Presidential Election. I began volunteering with Almost Home Animal Rescue, and have gotten to work with some amazing dogs and the people who want to help them, who are also amazing. I completed NaNoWriMo with 50,305 words, after having attempted it 5 years previously and never getting very far at all. I’ve made all sorts of amazing new friends. I’ve found that I can bake awesome muffins, even though I thought I was a terrible, very inept chef. I got to interview a musical group for the first time, and even though I was totally nervous and weird, it went really well, and the article turned out awesome! (if I do say so myself.)

Oh, so much has happened this year. And I’m very glad that it’s almost 2013, because you know what? I’m excited to start a new year, and see what it brings. I just hope it’s even more amazing than this past year was. Because I know all years are going to have their rough spots… so I’d say this year, 2012, was a pretty darn good one. And so, I say to 2013… bring it on, hit me with your best shot, and make it my best year yet.

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

Let me know what you’re doing to celebrate in the comments, or what your wishes for the upcoming year are, your resolutions, whatever you’re wanting to share. 🙂

Also, enjoy this cute video by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!!