Hey there! My name is Taralei Griffin. I am a freelance journalist, currently living and working in Middle Tennessee.

Here are some examples of my journalistic work that potential employers will appreciate:

May 2017
Illinois City’s Corruption Symbolizes Forgotten Rust Belt
An ongoing investigation into the corruption within Harvey, Illinois’ government.

February 2017
Melodize The Zeitgeist
An article about Nashville multi-instrumentalist, Spazz Cardigan.

November 2016
They Ain’t Ready
An article following up with Nashville-based musical duo, Cassio Monroe.

June 2016
#BernieOrBust Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down
A video created with Eric Byler of TYT Politics on the Bernie or Bust movement.

December 2015
Dead Men Commit No Wrongs
A piece on why women are still fighting for their rights.

November 2015
War On Christmas? Nah.
A video on the controversy over Starbucks’ red cups.

March 2013
Can’t Lose with VanCo.
An article on local Nashville rock band, VanCo.

March 2012
Impertinent Dancer
A original short story published by The Huffington Post.

My resume can be viewed on LinkedIn and references are available upon request! You can find more information about me, and categorical links to other posts I have made by clicking here. Feel free to email me with any questions at TaraleiWrites@gmail.com

I hope to be speaking and writing with you soon!