One of the most common (and odd) ways I have discovered favorite new musicians is through my obsession with Joss Whedon‘s work. I have an entire playlist in my iTunes library dedicated to music from Dollhouse. One of my favorite songs on that playlist is Remedy by Little Boots.

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When I first watched the entire Dollhouse series through, one of the most confusing episodes for me was Belle Chose (Season 2, Episode 3) – it was one of the most disturbing episodes, and yet, I loved that episode – especially because of one scene in particular. Enver Gjokaj‘s character, Victor, is in a club, and has accidentally been imprinted with a woman’s personality. He is dancing his heart out to Remedy by Little Boots when Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett‘s character) finally finds him. It is a hilarious, extremely well shot (and performed!) scene.

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While that scene is what introduced me to Little Boots’ music, I fell deeper in love with the song Remedy for many more reasons over time. It is a great song to dance and let loose to, while also being extremely meaningful. If you listen to the lyrics, it could be a song telling you to stay upbeat and dance away your worries. It could also be the story of a woman who has finally gotten over an ex, feels free from his control, and is showing him that by dancing. For me, it has an even more personal meaning.

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No more poison
Killing my emotion
I will not be frozen
Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh
Stop stop praying
‘Cause I’m not not playing
I’m not frozen
Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

Most people who know me know that I was kept on unnecessary medications for 14 years that caused many mental health issues as I was growing up. Now, more than a year after being off of those medications, I feel an even deeper connection to the lyrics above. The medications caused me to have no concept of true emotions, and kept me in a drugged state where I was unable to truly grow in life. Now, I’m no longer “frozen” by the “poison.” I’m fully experiencing and dealing with emotions that I had only been able to read about in the past, and I have finally been moving forward with figuring out myself, my personal beliefs and opinions, and where I am going in life.

In my opinion, that is definitely something to dance about.

Check out Little Boots’ new album, Working Girl, find the song Remedy on her awesome 2010 album, Hands, and keep dancing through life.

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