“Stormy, Scalding, Heart-Wrung Tears” –Jane Eyre

At 7am on Sunday, December 7th, I finished Jane Eyre, after having become riveted to the emotions in the words written by Charlotte Brontë. (Upon reflection, maybe it wasn’t the best choice to try and read myself to sleep with this book at midnight, as I wound up with no sleep.)

Finally, I am getting around to writing my review of the first book to be checked off of my Before 25 Bucket List

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre

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Stepping Stones

Hey, Readers! Some of you will have noticed that I added a page to this site. I’ve titled it Prior to 25 and am going to be using it as a motivator as I approach my 25th birthday.

Right now, it has a countdown to March 27, 2016, and a list of 30 books that I am determined to read before I’m 25. I am open to suggestions for additions to my book list. I am also looking for suggestions of other things to do before I turn 25 – bucket list-type activities. I’m looking for ideas that are good, fun experiences for someone quickly moving towards “serious adulthood,” but don’t cost a ton of money. Also, keep in mind that although I am looking for ideas, I can not do all ideas that you might submit, no matter how much I wish I could. I have approximately 15 months until my deadline. Currently, it feels like a long amount of time… but time passes quicker than anyone expects.

From my 9th birthday, to my more recent 21st birthday...
From my 9th birthday, to my more recent 21st birthday…

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