Real Characters

The best fictional characters are ones that the author imbues with people or things that surround them in real life.

Multiple TARALEIs is a scary thought...  Better write it into a story. ;)
Multiple TARALEIs is a scary thought…
Better write it into a story. 😉

When I was first writing, the stories that I wrote had characters that were my friends and I. As I continued to grow older, though, my characters were no longer exact replicas of the people I knew. In “Nightmare Forest,” the first book I wrote just for the pleasure of creating, my characters had their own names and personalities. When I described them, you could picture them as a unique person, even though you’d never seen them. I had grown in my writing abilities – but every single character had a piece of someone that I knew, and almost all of them had a part of my personality.
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