Can’t Lose with VanCo.

On March 16th, 2013, around 6:45 in the evening, I walked down the sidewalk beside 12th and Porter, the venue where the Drunken Irish Show presented by Gimm+Icky was to be held, feeling quite frustrated. I had just been inside, and I hadn’t been able to find anyone to help me. I was looking for the members of VanCo., the band that would be opening the show that night, because I was supposed to be interviewing them.

Suddenly, a door burst open in front of me, and I saw someone who looked vaguely familiar stride out. I immediately took off down the street, running while trying to look as if I wasn’t. I caught the man’s attention, and found that it was Evan, the bassist for VanCo., and I said goodbye to my frustration. Soon, I was surrounded by the joyful crew that is VanCo., standing out on the street corner where I had just caught up with Evan, and preparing to start asking my questions.   Read more “Can’t Lose with VanCo.”

Serious Face

I first found out about Gimm+Icky in November 2012 when I was looking for a cool show to take my sister to while she was visiting from Seattle. I was hooked as soon as I listened to their songs on SoundCloud. And then I discovered all of their YouTube videos… I suddenly knew, if I went to this Balls and Sweaters Dance of theirs, I had to meet them and write an article about it. And so, I did.

But that’s not what this Music of my Life post is about. I decided I would do a Music of my Life post in honor of their upcoming “Drunken Irish Show” on March 16th, about one of my favorite songs of theirs.

“Serious Face” is the first song I heard by Gimm+Icky when I went in search of their music to listen to. I was disappointed to find out that none of their music was on iTunes yet – but never fear, dear friends! They now have two singles out on iTunes… “Shake That” and “It Starts Tonight,” two awesome songs, are now available for purchase.

“Serious Face” makes me so happy to listen to, and when I watch videos of them performing it, I just can’t help but to dance along. And their acoustic video version of “Serious Face” is amazing, even though I laugh every time because they are all making such hilarious faces, trying to keep their faces serious.

If you’re in the Nashville area, be sure to check out The Drunken Irish Show presented by Gimm+Icky, and with special guests The Lonely Biscuits and VanCo. on March 16th at 12th and Porter.

FUN FACT: Both Tripp and Jeff of Gimm+Icky would pick Morgan Freeman to take a “serious face” picture with… 🙂

And now, without further ado, here is their acoustic version of “Serious Face” from YouTube.

Balls and Sweaters with Gimm and Icky

I found out about Gimm + Icky and their music when I was looking for places to take my sister when she was in the Nashville area visiting from Seattle. I saw that they were having a “Balls and Sweaters Dance Party” at the historic 12th and Porter in Nashville, Tennessee. Intrigued, I began looking into and listening to their music, and I was hooked. Their music makes me want to get up and dance as I haven’t danced in a while, and as Tripp Weir, the rapper of the duo says, that’s why he wanted to make music. To make people dance.

That’s right. I got to sit down before the show with Tripp Weir and Jeff Garrison, the duo who are Gimm + Icky, and interview them. Read more “Balls and Sweaters with Gimm and Icky”

Your Ghost

This is going to be the first of a section I’ll call “Music of my Life.”

One of my favorite TV shows ever is Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Not only does it have a great, intense storyline, but it’s got a terrific soundtrack.
One of my favorite songs that I found by watching Dollhouse is Greg Laswell’s version of “Your Ghost.” It’s beautiful. I started listening to it at a really low point in my life, and then I started listening to all of Greg Laswell’s music, and it really helped keep me going. Music can really do that for you!
Anyways, I went to Greg’s concert at 3rd and Lindsley here in Nashville back in May, and he played “Your Ghost” as his last song of the night. I was practically in tears! Partially because right before that, he had played a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” that I was already tearing up over, and then he played this song, that he does so wonderfully and is so important to me. So… yea. I cried a little. Haha.
Watch this video and listen to “Your Ghost” by Greg Laswell on YouTube. There isn’t an actual music video done by Greg himself, but I love this one, because his eyes are so stunning in this photo…

Enjoy the music!

YAY first post!!!