Is That Blue I See?

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“Are they called The Young Turks because they’re Turkish?”

“No. The host and founder is from Turkey, but that’s not the point.”

“And… his name is Chunk?”

“No, Tara. It’s Cenk.”



“Yeah… Okay. I now understand what people go through when they try to say my name.”

Four years ago, I had this conversation with a friend of mine as he opened his laptop, preparing to introduce me to TYT by making me sit through almost 2 hours of YouTube clips. Those two hours got me hooked. Everything this guy with the unpronounceable name said struck a chord with me. He was often loud and goofy, and other times loud and angry, but Cenk Uygur doesn’t care about what other people think of him or the volume of his voice, as long as he’s putting his opinions out there.

This guy will be my boss someday.
This guy will be my boss someday.

For more than the past decade, Cenk and the rest of the TYT team have been leading an ever-strengthening media revolution. For a fraction of that time, I have enjoyed watching their many network shows. I started quoting Cenk and Ana in my daily life, making sure I had time to watch What The Flick! every Monday after a new Game of Thrones episode, and have had many late-night binge-watching sessions of Think Tank, laughing and dreaming of being best friends with John and Hannah.

Supporting Wolf-PAC at Politicon 2015!
Supporting Wolf-PAC at Politicon 2015!

TYT is a great source of entertainment, but it’s also changing media for the better. They are uncensored and share the truth, no matter how the powers that be in our country feel about it. They want to educate and entertain people all over the world while fighting for and with them. (Wolf-PAC being the most prominent example.)

They’ve helped to broaden my thinking on many topics. As a child, I thought I was a Republican because the people around me were. After I realized I didn’t have to believe the same things as my family, I still thought I was right smack dab in the middle of our political parties, with a more conservative tilt. Cenk (who has a similar story) and all of the people who are a part of The Young Turks, have helped me to realize I’m very much a progressive liberal. I’m now one of the “silly hippies” I always heard about growing up.


I’ve also found a lot of freedom by watching and learning from TYT. In the past, I mostly kept my opinions and feelings about things that were happening in the world quiet. We’re all human, and allowed to have emotions. We should be sad about the amount of terrorism and tragedy in the world, we should be happy when fellow people are finally granted their rights, and we should be angry about the way our government improperly deals with things. On TYT Live, no one holds back on sharing what they think and feel about the issues in our world today. More of us need to stand up and loudly let our leaders know what works and what doesn’t work for us as citizens of the world.

Everyone should watch The Young Turks at some point or another. They’ve created a news and entertainment network that is what media is supposed to be, and whether your political views are liberal or not, they’ll help you to see your opinions more clearly.

Make watching TYT a resolution going into 2016, because they’re changing the world for the better, and everyone should try to keep up.

I was tossed into an awesome TYT salad for this photo. ;)
I am TYT.
Layla supports TYT, too!
Even Layla loves TYT!

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