Yea, I totally just blew myself away.

After having attempted NaNoWriMo the past 5 years and never getting anywhere near 50,000 words, I just now, on the evening of November 30th, not long before December is soon to start, finished my novel with 50,305 words.  

I am so happy! I can cross a third item off of my bucket list. And I have proven to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

I should be posting more often again since this is over now, and I won’t be as busy. In fact, I’ve got some surprises planned for some awesome posts. You should definitely keep checking back, especially after the upcoming week. 😉

My sister arrives in town from Seattle tomorrow. Yay for that, too! I’m excited to see her.

Well, I suppose that’s really it for now. Also, I’m exhausted and my mind’s not working that well. So, we’ll post my winner’s badge, cross “Complete NaNoWriMo” off of my bucket list, and log off!

Here comes December, y’all! 😀